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Each of the sentences given here can be made into better sense by interchanging two words.

96, 75, 48, 24 (f) 21, 19, 16, 13, 10 (g) 1, 4, 16, 60 (h) 4, 9, 14, 18, 24, 29 4.

(l) John ran in the cake while James ate race in the refreshment room. (v) The squirrel top up to the climbed of the tree.

(k) The children were long after their hungry walk. (q) As their mother had a noise they were told not to make a headache. (u) The frightened child man away from the angry ran.

(j) They lay on the birds while the grass flew above them. (p) My cousin is fortnight to stay with me in a coming. (t) As it was quietly heavily they had to play raining indoors. (a) Write down words which describe a collection of: cows, fish, bees, sheep, crows.

(i) Willie had ten or eleven birthday on his letters. If I can walk at the rate of 4 miles an hour on the level, 5 miles an hour downhill and 3 miles an hour uphill, how long shall I take to go from A to B? The road from a town ‘A’ to another town ‘B’ is uphill for the first 2 miles, level for the next 3 miles, and downhill for the last 2 miles. Two girls have Surname and Christian names beginning with the same letter; two others are named Ruth. (a) pencil, chalk, ruler, pen (b) velvet, muslin, calico, thread (c) yellow, green, red, colour (d) river, lake, sea, mountain (e) writing, book, story, novel (f) milk, drink, water, tea (g) book, volume, magazine, print (h) carpet, rug, mat, mattress (i) skate, stand, slide, slip (j) cold, warm, heat, freezing (k) policeman, soldier, sailor, airman (l) round, shape, square, oblong (m) shout, think, speak, whisper (n) oak, ash, elm, palm (o) sweet, rich, chocolate, sugary (p) pen, pencil, paper, crayon (q) hammer, plank, chisel, hatchet (r) hat, cap, bonnet, scarf 8. Now go through the following examples, underlining the word in each row that you think is different from the other three.Write these words in the correct order to make sentences: (a) had waited the until door I closed he (b) many with helped I his him homework have times (c) first year of always exciting I the the is day think (d) listened on programme the switched to wireless he and the (e) to asked a letter me she write 3. Give the feminine of each of the following: (a) brother (b) nephew (c) monk (d) wizard (e) gander (f) merman (g) waiter (h) hero (i) fox (j) cousin 4. Write down one word in place of each phrase in italics: (a) The boy made up his mind to sell his bicycle. Re-write the following sentences, using the plurals of the underlined words: (a) The angry goose snapped at my bare foot. (c) The police-constable chased the thief across the roof. (b) The girl tried again and again until she succeeded. (d) The soldier was forced to give himself up to the enemy. (e) My brother always comes to school at the right time. Pupils will answer the questions about the meaning of words included in the short texts provided.Pupils will also be asked to provide synonyms and antonyms for the given words, fill in the gaps in a sample text and complete other exercises that test their knowledge of English vocabulary.


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