2 Page Business Plan Template

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Your one-page plan is a great jumping-off point to work on a detailed business plan.Once you have a summary of your idea figured out on one page, you’ll be ready to expand and provide more details in a more thorough business plan—if you need to write one.There’s a lot of advice in the infosphere about how to write a business plan, but there’s no single correct way.

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Include a few sentences on your customers, your personnel, and your operational principals and move on to drafting page 2. Finally outline the value proposition and how and where will you articulate your brand promise. This means you’ll need to communicate your startup costs, your revenue projections (including your assumptions), and a breakdown of your proposed expenses.

Include 3-5 years of cash flow and balance sheet projections, and make very clear your proposed burn and the length of your runway.

It’s actually a very good exercise to trim down your executive summary to the absolute minimum.

This will force you to trim needless words and communicate your business idea clearly and with minimal clutter.

So, let’s get into what information goes into your business plan.

Related: Business Plans: A Step-by-Step Guide A typical business plan is 15 to 25 pages.

A business plan doesn’t need to be complicated, but for it to serve its purpose and set you up for success, it must be clear to whomever is reading your plan that you have a realistic handle on the why and how your business will be a success.

To get you moving in the right direction, here’s a guide on how to write a business plan.

You can guarantee that your one-page plan will be read by your team and get everyone on the same page quickly.

Don’t forget, the content of your one-page plan is far more important than the formatting.


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