3 Types Of Design Essays

In the best possible world, you might have time to do both kinds of critiques, at different times in your project.Depending on the kinds of designs your working with, and the goals you have, you might arrange the room differently, and bring different kinds of materials.

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And even in the absolute worst case, make yourself available to listen to their feedback independent of the critique session.Try to forget about job titles or hierarchy, and instead, focus on the people who are most likely to understand the creative process, and give useful and meaningful feedback, both positive and negative.Depending on the personalities of your teammates, make adjustments as necessary.This can be a great way to build a sense of design community in your organization, and give you the benefit of other well trained design eyes, that are fresh to the problems your trying to solve.The downside to this is that you miss on the opportunity to build better design relationships with the non-designers on your team.You can diffuse difficult teammates, appeasing them without derailing the critique meeting, and the creative momentum of the team.One alternative for designers in larger organizations: you might be able to do design critiques with the other designers in your organization, even if each of you works on different projects.Overall, the tone, content and quality of critique meetings is one indicator to how well the creative process is being managed.Typical goals for critique meetings might include: These goals listed are mostly mutually exclusive.Even if the issues you are confronted with arise from decisions out of your control (a demand from the marketing team, or a new constraint from engineering) you want your designs, and your design process, to work with these issues, not around them.(Unless you feel confident that your superior design and skills of persuasion will convince someone with authority to change their mind.) A critique should allow a small group of people to review and discuss many ideas quickly and informally.


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