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For we alone regard the man who does not take part in public affairs, not as one who minds his own business, but as good for nothing; and we Athenians decide public questions for ourselves or at least endeavor to arrive at a sound understanding of them, in the belief that it is not debate that is a hindrance to action, but rather not to be instructed by debate before the time comes for action.Document 4- Excerpt from “Parallel Lives” by Plutarch...would not allow citizens to leave the country at pleasure, to wander in foreign lands where they would contract strange habits and learn to imitate the untrained lives and ill regulated institutions to be found abroad.

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Continuity is clearest in the sphere of religion, which may be said to have been “embedded” in Greek life.

Some of the gods alleged to have been relatively late imports into Greece can in fact be shown to have Mycenaean origins.

Psychologists regard it as one of the six primary emotions3. The passage is corrupt, but it is clear that he envisages fear as the 'default setting' for slaves ; attractively emended by Marr, J.

Physiologists have linked it to the central nervous system, and thus to bodily reactions4.

(For example a clear thesis that addresses the prompt would look like this; Athens and Sparta were different in their governments because Athens was a ____ and Sparta was a ____, different in economic structure because Athens used ______ while Sparta relied on ____, and different in culture because Athens valued ____ and Sparta valued ____.)II. Body paragraphs that identify the most significant difference between Athens and Sparta in the three areas required, and support it with clearly explained evidence; one quote that describes Athens, and one that describes Sparta. Evidence- facts and primary source quotes, one for each city c.

It is not enough to simply insert a document as evidence, you must interpret and explain it. Explanation- shows how evidence supports the claim V.Others, however, declare the Ephoralty to be a tyranny, and find the element of democracy in the common meals and in the habits of daily life.At Lacedaemon, for instance, the Ephors determine suits about contracts, which they distribute among themselves, while the elders are judges of homicide, and other causes are decided by other magistrates. (with striking illustrations), and the works there cited. In the Iliad warriors are said to become chloroi through deos (10.376, 15.4% whence deos itself is called chloron (7.479, 8-77, 14-5O6, 17.67).Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.A conclusion that restates the thesis statement and comments on the significance of the topic.You should include some commentary that explain the “So what? Essay Question:• Explain the most important differences between Athens and Sparta in their forms of government, economic structure and their cultural values.Join Britannica's Publishing Partner Program and our community of experts to gain a global audience for your work!No treatment of the main period of Greek civilization should end without emphasizing the continuity both with what went before and with what came after.You should include the following components in your essay: I.An introduction that has a hook, sets the stage with historical background to the content and has a clear thesis statement that addresses the prompt.


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