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If I was at work, as I often was, I’d make a note in the notebook that has become my constant companion....

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- English Composition II Composition is “the act or process of composing or a piece of writing” (Webster).

English Composition is a form of writing that incorporates the English language in to a proper arrangement.

Over the course of this semester our class worked on several different types of essays which include scholarly discourse, discourse community analysis, a persuasive paper, and finally a critical reflective essay.

After almost completing the course, I feel like I have grown to become a more prepared writer because of all of the useful information that I have learned....

[tags: English language, Writing, Literature] - In the beginning of the English Composition 1 course, I felt as if I was not a very good writer.

A lot of what I learned in high school was completely different than that of my college English course.

I realized that while I had been doing those things I had also been prewriting, writing or revising in my head..

If I came up with an idea or a solution to a problem I had written myself into, I’d go back to my desk and write.

[tags: Nutrition, Fast food restaurant, Food, Cooking] - During this college class of Composition II for English 102 we have learned a variety of different things.

A few thing that have been learned to this point are how to format an essay paper by the Modern Language Association or MLA guidelines, and fairly recently we started to learn how to write by the new guidelines that the Modern Language Association assigned in the year 2016 for the seventh and eighth edition of MLA formatting.


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