A Level Media Coursework Evaluation

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In particular, it is designed to demonstrate the importance of research Candidates are required to produce three pieces of linked work: The production must be accompanied by an individual evaluation which can be produced in any appropriate form such as an essay, a digital presentation or a blog.MS4: MEDIA – TEXT, INDUSTRY AND AUDIENCE This develops their knowledge and understanding of the relationship between media texts, their audiences and the industries which produce and distribute them.

Throughout, your language should be formal and use specific media terminology.

Writing a coursework can be annoying for all students But Media is a subject that makes it quite difficult. The creativity in your Media subjects and studies is the key to success.

Preparing a Media coursework can give nightmares to students because they; You may have completed a Media coursework but the tutor says it’s not ok.

Examples of investigations include: • the representation of teenagers in two British films • the generic similarities between For the production students are required to submit a production which should develop from and be informed by the candidate’s research investigation.

Examples of production tasks: Audio-visual productions Print-based productions (or their digital equivalent) should be a minimum of 3 pages.


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