Abortion Pro Choice Persuasive Essay

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Wanting to keep a baby alive that has so many problems that it would have a completely painful life and uncomfortable life is a bad choice.

There are pro's and con's to both of the sides of abortion which ever one you can find more pro's to is probably the side you should take.

Although some of the reasoning that pro-life activist use, might seem a little ridiculous at times many of the activist aren't able to have children or are just trying to defend a baby that can't defend it self.

The pro's of pro-life are that the baby gets a chance to live and experience life outside of the womb and maybe someone who is unable to have children will get the chance to be a mother or father if they adopt this child who would have been aborted.

Many individuals take the side of anti-abortion or pro-life which means they don't think women should have the right to abort an unborn child. Some of the pro-life members think that the reasons women shouldn't be able to abort is that the mother is ending an unborn child's life and if the mother is old enough to get pregnant they are old enough to have the child.

Some pro-life activists think that even if you have to put the baby up for adoption later you should still have it.The opposing side takes a different side to the argument.The pro side of legalizing abortion is known as pro-choice which is the side of the argument that believes that if a woman is pregnant she should have the right to abort.These were some of the difficulties many women faced before Roe V.Wade decriminalized abortions and made them available to women in the United States.However, when a woman goes to a clinic, it is strongly stressed that abortions are not the solution to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.Instead, clinics inform women on reliable sources of birth control as well as abstinence.Finally, abortions don't encourage teenage girls to have sex.It would be jocular to say that a teenager thinks "If anything, I will just get an abortion, and no one will ever know".Your opinion rests with you and possibly the values you were brought up with.Whether you think women should have the right to abortion or not, you can find support for either side.


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