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Listed below are some of the many types of advertisement channels, used by the company to promote their goods or services; which the students or any advertising assignment help and writing service that they hire, should consider Sometimes utilizing the traditional channel is not that bad of an idea.Specially, when your target audience are those who love to travel a lot.

But it also overcomes another major drawback of a radio advertisement; it portrays the image of the product or service that is being offered by the company.

Businesses aiming to promote their business, where there is a list of classified ads, should go for this channel.

An evaluation has two basic components: (1) a judgment, and (2) the criteria used to arrive at that judgment. I locate an i Phone ad online, which means the audience for this ad is multimodal (anyone who can access this ad digitally). I selected a multimodal ad and I’m also going to select to write to a multimodal audience (audience selection is your choice).

I’m going to be evaluating, for my audience, the effectiveness of the ad (NOT the i Phone itself).

Evaluating is the kind of testing that facilitates our judgment-making ability (in competition with our feelings) and guides our life choices.

Understanding why certain choices are better than others is critical as our feelings alone can sometimes lead us astray (remember that impulse buy or that bad date? This assignment invites you to evaluate an advertisement because ads are everywhere and they attempt to impact your choices and behavior.

Similar to radio, it is also highly cost efficient and can reach an audience which resides not just in the urban but also in the rural areas.

A business which operates in a niche market, can reach the specific target segment by posting an ad in the magazine which is followed by the appropriate audience; i.e. This channels aims at targeting those consumers which have already made up their mind for purchasing a good or service.

I decide to format my evaluation as a tech blog post.

Now I consider: The purpose of a cell phone ad is to promote a purchase, so I scan the tech blog I’m going to write for formatting ideas and decide on 4 criteria: 1) it doesn’t make them read a lot of text, 2) it’s visually stimulating, 3) it highlights the important characteristics of a cell phone—which I will argue are technological advancement, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness, and 4) it taps into pathos (emotions).


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