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Two paintings and one sculpture are in the permanent collection of the Museo Italo Americano at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

It is the living of it while executing a work in progress that takes practice. One of my key experiences while in the process of creation is the gradual disempowerment of self.The creation of colorful, heartfelt and truthfully expressive paintings source from this experience.The artistic wisdom I gain is to keep emptying my willful self trustfully into the larger process of creation where unimagined paintings are born.I have as well long been attracted to the Mystic Way ( Eckhart, Merton, Underhill and Eastern influences) which requires deepening inner silence in order to hear beyond the senses and the intellect.I am at the top of my talent when by seasoned intuition and grace I experience unity with the creative process.Its' seemingly once all powerful intellect, its' emotional joy's and conflict's and its' five senses begin to lose the omnipotence they once enjoyed during the creation of a work of art.It feels like the rug is slowly being pulled out from under it's illusion of control.The traditional transparency of watercolor next to an opaque use of acrylic further enhances the variety of spacial atmosphere in the paintings.Like a visual parable I hope my art will raise the viewers interest to pause long in wonder of what they are seeing, open their heart and realize the excitement of the unknown..our shared mystery.After more time what seemed to once be uncertainty becomes a certainty in faith and trust in the truer creative process.This intuitive/spiritual sensitivity leads the way through the creation of a work of art that hopefully touches a universal ground of communication to those that see it and experience it.


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