An Essay On The Education Of The Blind

An Essay On The Education Of The Blind-81
The former Perkins student remains one of the most famous figures in American history.As we celebrate what would have been her 137“Literature is my Utopia. No barrier of the senses shuts me out from the sweet, gracious discourses of my book friends. Despite the time and money invested in programs to recruit, retain and graduate women and URM students in STEM fields, the demographic reality of these professions has not shown a significant payoff. Our studies suggest that underrepresented grad students are largely dissatisfied with their graduate school experience and NIH researchers have found they often do not consider an academic career path attractive.

However, we cannot help but see differences; it’s unavoidable.

Pretending that those differences are not there does not eliminate discrimination.

One strategy for closing the diversity gap in STEM may be found in examining faculty and URM students’ interpersonal relationships at both the undergraduate and graduate school levels.

These students often find themselves as pioneers and tokens in programs that are desperate for their success.

Not only was I left once again navigating my token experience, but now I had the additional burden of managing my professor’s implicit expectation of what faculty and doctoral students look like. Colorblindness is a popular diversity model or ideology that on the surface reflects pro-diversity intentions but in practice suppresses diversity and elevates sameness.

An Essay On The Education Of The Blind

For decades, society has espoused the virtues of colorblindness as a method to avoid discriminating based upon race.

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These faculty are likely to embrace models of diversity that appear inclusive on the surface but derail diversity in their implementation.

At this ideological level, STEM education programs may focus on intervening in students’ preparation in order to become more diverse programs rather than understanding the program issues that deter student entry and engagement.


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