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Compare this with the epitaph she wrote for her father: Within this tomb a patriot lies/ That was both pious, just and wise,/ To truth a shield, to right a wall,/ To sectaries a whip and maul,/ A magazine of history,/ A prizer of good company/ In manners pleasant and severe/ The good him loved, the bad did fear,/ And when his time with years was spent/ In some rejoiced, more did lament./ 1653, age 77 There is little evidence about Anne's life in Massachusetts beyond that given in her poetry--no portrait, no grave marker (though there is a house in Ipswich, MA).She and her family moved several times, always to more remote frontier areas where Simon could accumulate more property and political power.

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However, she did decide to join the church at Boston.

As White writes, "instead of looking outward and writing her observations on this unfamiliar scene with its rough and fearsome aspects, she let her homesick imagination turn inward, marshalled the images from her store of learning and dressed them in careful homespun garments." Historically, Anne's identity is primarily linked to her prominent father and husband, both governors of Massachusetts who left portraits and numerous records.

Anne Bradstreet was born in 1612 to a nonconformist former soldier of Queen Elizabeth, Thomas Dudley, who managed the affairs of the Earl of Lincoln.

In 1630 he sailed with his family for America with the Massachusetts Bay Company.

However, her feelings about him, as well as about her Puritan faith and her position as a woman in the Puritan community, seem complex and perhaps mixed.

They had 8 children within about 10 years, all of whom survived childhood.

Eve La Plante's books have received many awards () and widely praised.

Her reviews include: Marmee and Lousia "Abigail May Alcott is at the center of Marmee & Louisa ... He was, he crowed, 'the Father of Miss Alcott.' At last, people came to hear him lecture.

Hawthorne took shame upon himself for the misdeeds of his Puritan ancestors, and La Plante offers praise for her forebears who testified against Puritan repression.

As her prefaces to these biographies, a kind of spiritual autobiography, show, Anne Hutchinson and Samuel Sewall were not the dark Puritans many imagined them to be.


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