Anti Death Penalty Arguments Essay

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Juries are more likely to impose the death penalty on blacks than on whites accused of the same offense (Administration Office of the Courts).Of the 145 cases studied by the Administration Office of the Courts it was shown that whites would have received the death penalty at a higher rate since they met the criteria for capital punishment more often.Any thesis statement should be determined by what the author really believes.

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The controversial issue of capital punishment has intense moral implications to all those involved especially to the religious individuals.

It occurs to me that it might not be necessary to start with a thesis for or against the death penalty after all.

Judgiing from my own thoughts and feelings, it would be hard for me to come out with a thesis statement that the death penalty should be abolished or that it should be retained. It would be easy to say that the death penalty should be abolished because it...

Another approach to a thesis statement therefore might be to state that the death penalty poses a moot question which has yet to be satisfactorily answered.

Then the follow-up would be to present the arguments against the death penalty and the arguments in favor.On the other hand, it has not been proved that capital punishment reduces crimes. This exercise will help you defend your own position much better (believe it or not).You have to begin by asking yourself what you really and truly believe, and then try to persuade your reader to believe the same thing. My advice to you is to decide, from within, whether or not you are for or against the death penalty. It will also strengthen your paper by helping you include what are called "concessions." It strengthens your arguement and essay overall by its presentation of a well thought out, dispassionate, cogent, and intelligent piece of writing. Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions.Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team.Although it is a necessary and important penalty in modern day society, it should be regulated as such.Should capital punishment be moral or not when it comes to disciplining an individual for monstrous crimes?The same would be true for me if I were to write an essay on the subject. I'm not crazy about the death penalty, but there are many cases I read about in which, to be honest, I certainly can't feel sorry for the person getting the lethal injection.This would depend very much on what you intend to say about the death penalty.Although it has been the case in many countries throughout the world it has been said that the Death Penalty is “cruel and unusual punishment” which is a direct violation to the Bill of Rights.Capital Punishment is a certain copy of the earliest days of slavery, when you had no rights or any different opinion, and like then, executions have no place in our civilized society.


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