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This article provides an evaluation framework for directors and senior management.

Focus is on three main factors: where data is stored, the strength of locks that provide access, and the control of keys for entry.

We compare the proposed anti-spam method with the filtering technology based on machine learning.

The result shows that 100% spams can be filtered out in our scheme, indicating the effectiveness of the proposed anti-spam method.

This white paper published by Frost & Sullivan and Cisco examines the role, capabilities, and advantages of service providers in the DDo S mitigation process, as well as how this role might develop in the future.

When your Internet-facing network comes under DDo S attack, does your entire organization panic or does everyone know exactly what to do?2014 wurden mehr als 700 Millionen Datenstze durch Verletzungen der Datenintegritt kompromittiert.Die finanziellen Verluste werden auf mindestens 400 Mio. Gleichzeitig stieg die Anzahl der Sicherheitsvorflle um 66 Prozent.Find out more about how botnets work and the right steps after having detected infected machines within your own network.Securing your email is a complex process that takes time and uses resources that can be better deployed elsewhere in your business.To deal with the junk e-mail problem caused by the e-mail address leakage for a majority of Internet users, this paper presents a new privacy protection model in which the e-mail address of the user is treated as a piece of privacy information concealed.Through an interaction pattern that involves three parties and uses an e-mail address code in the place of an e-mail address, the proposed model can prevent the e-mail address from being leaked, thus effectively resolving the junk e-mail problem.Lassen Sie nicht zu, dass Ihr Wachstum durch Angst gebremst wird.Der Bericht "Verhinderung von Datendiebstahl" konzentriert sich darauf, wie Sie aus breiterer, intelligenterer Anwendungssicht sicher bleiben, whrend Sie Innovationen vorantreiben.The Cybersecurity and Data Theft Prevention report provides a non-technical overview every board of directors can use to assess their organizations security posture.Je lnger sich Angreifer in Ihren Netzwerk aufhalten, desto mehr laterale Bewegung ist mglich - und desto grer ist auch das Risiko eines Datendiebstahls.


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