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That is why the importance of maintaining civilized relationships with these other countries should not be ignored.We may not always agree and come to a resolution by communicating with other nations, but we have a moral obligation to at least try.This applies to US foreign policy because we as Americans only jump into a dispute with other countries and regions if we serve to gain.

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This may be partially human nature; however, this intolerance was definitely heightened drastically after the events of 9/11.

In our post 9/11 world the state of cosmopolitanism, if adopted, would greatly improve communication with other nations and lead to a progression of knowledge.

Cosmopolitan communication calls for really listening to the other side without preconceptions getting in the way. We could learn so much from other countries of the world if we adopted this philosophy.

Appiah also mentions that it’s important to remember that conversations can also be a pleasure.

Of course, one could argue that they are simply doing their job.

They take an oath to protect this country and the people of it and they are not obligated to do anything more than just that.Our preconceptions of other’s ideas, cultures, and beliefs cloud the conversations that we have with individuals with whom we do not share coinciding beliefs.Appiah also says, “conversations across boundaries can be fraught, all the more so as the world grows smaller and the stakes grow larger” (68).Our intense fear of other cultures that stems from 9/11 has closed off communication and conversation with many parts of the world.Our border and airport security is over the top and there is an overwhelming sense of fear regarding anyone who comes from a foreign country.However, when atrocities are going on in other countries should we be concerned?Borders are just an invisible line that separate us and as the cosmopolitan philosophy explains, we are all citizens of the world first and foremost.Interest is isolated primarily with our own self perseverance.If we could communicate with all the other countries of the world in a cosmopolitan matter, many conflicts could at the very least be controlled.In order for knowledge to really grow, conversations like this in which a new point of view is gained is necessary when dealing with conflicts abroad.This small scale example can apply to the world we live in today.


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