Argumentative Essay On Dependence On Technology

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Regardless of whether you believe that technology is taking us over or helping the world drastically or just really don’t care as long as it does what it supposes to there is no getting rid of.

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As a result of which a question is posed to all of society, or those mainly in use of technology, are we too dependent on technology?

There are those who believe that technology has taken over our daily lives, those who think that it only stands to benefit our lives and some who don’t think of or care about technology’s effects.

Technology has the ability to be the advancement of society or has the capability to be its downfall.

This begets the seeds of controversy on the topic of technology and how it affects our lives.

Technology can be viewed as a beneficiary to our lives rather than monster waiting to bear its fangs.

It goes beyond a shadow of a doubt that technology has both greatly improved our lives as well as making it simpler..) For instance, take the invention of the phone.I was one of those that had no power, but was I stranded on an island alone and confused, of course not.Our predecessors had gone years without the invention of technology so I knew I could do it simply for a week.Though technology can have a strong grip on our lives we aren’t stupefied without it (Du Four.) Let’s look at scenario that has recently occurred, Hurricane Sandy.When Sandy hit many were left without power and with that no means to use their technologies.We live alongside technology now and whether you control it or it controls you, remember it has an origin and it started with us. "People Are Becoming Too Dependent on Technology." Quo Vadis Newspaper. Choosing a topic is the first and foremost step while writing an argumentative essay.This is also the case with the discussion of dependence of technology.Simply to those who cannot make head or tails on why technology is in control of lives or why it makes it completely simplistic, choose to not believe either.Our ever advancing technological world is subjected to both astonishment and criticism.Technology has manifested itself into a sort of pathogen that has found its way into our daily lives.


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