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That does not mean that all orphanages are on the upswing.

That does not mean that all orphanages are on the upswing.There are still those in vast and third world regions of the world that do not have the resources required to provide adequate care for their children.

Whereas children in orphanages have been orphaned, abandoned, or left there by parents who are unable to care for them for various reasons—typically due to lack of finances to properly care for them.

They want more for their children than they can provide at the time.

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Many may tend to believe that foster care is more nurturing that an orphanage because the child(ren) are cared for in a family setting rather than an “institution.” However, just because foster care takes place in a family setting does not mean that they are receiving better care.

While there are many wonderful group homes and amazing foster parents, there are other settings that may not be as positive.

But regardless of the nationality, many are very concerned over the care being provided in one or the other and have many misconceptions.

Children are placed in foster care typically because they have been removed from their homes by the state due to lack of proper care, and/or the parents/guardians are unable to care for their children for various reasons.

One-on-one attention is impossible, which leads to many physical and development delays.

The environment may be unbearable by our standards. Whether you are discussing foster care or orphanages there will always be some risks involved, and some may not even be apparent until you adopt the child.


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