Argumentative Essay On Immigration

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Others have skills that natives lack, such as medical training or fluency in Mandarin. More than three-quarters of patents generated at top American universities involve a migrant inventor.

In both America and Britain migrants are twice as likely to start a business as locals.

Diversity is great; so is what people in a particular place have in common.* Appeal to other people’s values.

Liberal values such as individual freedom and equal rights leave some people cold.

The economic case for migration is equally compelling.

Just as labour mobility is desirable within national borders, so too across them.

(As requested, here’s the link to this research.) That, in turn, tends to raise wages and improve public finances.

Others pointed to pressure on public services, infrastructure and housing.

Another commenter questioned the impact on migrants’ country of origin.

The second issue is selecting which migrants to allow into a country.


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