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Ashley Judd Essay Daily Beast-23
On Wednesday, CNN's Erin Burnett kissed up to left-wing actress Ashley Judd by promoting her radical feminist take on society.

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Former President (and, of course, former Allied Commander) Eisenhower came out of retirement to hold a press conference to denouncing “The Battle of the Bulge” for its gross inaccuracies. Prosecution can be used for ideological and partisan discrimination.

Not only is the sign benign, it is not even original: that same language is on fitness company ads all over the country.

Some battle scenes are shown being fought on flat and bare plain, about as distinct from the mountainous, thickly forested territory where the actual battle took place as one could imagine. The suspicion is that Campbell is being singled out because some have complained that the sign is “insensitive.” No, it’s just funny…

My father also started complaining during the film, loudly, about the use of modern American tanks to portray the German Tiger tanks. This is the ethical problem with excessively restrictive laws, rules and regulations that are not consistently enforced.

Objectifying women encourages them to live their lives focused on their appearance and their relation to men, which reinforces the patriarchal power structure in society.

One gender group (women) is made passive and submissive so that the other gender group (men) retains their dominance and power.

If you’ve taken a sociology class and read conflict and feminist theorists, her comments should make a lot of sense.

Think about them in the context of the current flurry of attention to bullying.

Or at the man and his multi-million dollar corporation that enabled it? Now get your knee pads on.”when Weinstein is elderly and his power is waning, knowing the he was about to be exposed.

No, this is an example of Rationalization #22, “It’s not the worst thing.” Yes, Judd is not as bad as the many, many actresses who kept quiet about this sexual predator, endangering others, who still are mum.


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