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At that moment when I was walking down the stairs of the last shop, I noticed a person who was crossing the road. It was disgusting looking at an incomplete guy who was young and might have many dreams that cannot be fulfilled because of his filthy condition.However what made me so surprised was a glow and a smile on his face even after such a terrible experience. I was wondering as for how he could grin in spite of being in a miserable state.Even so, writing an autobiographical essay can be challenging.

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During last New Year holidays, I was busy in shopping with my friends at Holiday Markets in New York City. All the shops were glowing with beautiful lights that also brightened up the whole stuff present in the shops.

These markets offer greatest hits for lots of gifts so we were having a great time buying little packages for our family. Just finishing the shopping, we planned to go back with our tokens of love for our family. It appeared that he had passed through a terrible accident earlier.

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