Back Lower Pain Spondylothesis

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The slippage most commonly occurs in the lowest part of the spine, between the 5 sacral vertebrate, although it may occur at higher levels in the lumbar spine.

It is caused by a stress fracture in the back portion of the spine, an area known as the pars articularis.

Many people with spondylolisthesis don't realize that they have it.

Their backs might feel just fine despite a vertebra being out of place.

Spondylolisthesis usually is mild and heals with rest and other "conservative" (or nonsurgical) treatments.

However, sometimes it can be severe and need surgery to fix the problem.

Besides their own wishes to return to what they love, kids and teens also might be under pressure to get back into the game from coaches, teammates — and even parents. Kids should get the OK from their health care provider before they return to physically demanding activities and sports.

After recovery, kids and teens need to keep up with the proper techniques and sports safety measures they learned.

Young athletes can help lower their risk of these and other back problems by: The sports and activities that can cause spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis often are very competitive and attract motivated, driven kids and teens.

So it's important to keep your child's temperament in mind when dealing with these problems and their recovery.


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