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BTW, I do realize prices may be drastically different based on locale. 7,200.00Startup Inventory Food........................................ 4,000.00Prep ingredients (spices, oils, sauces, etc.)... 800.00Disposables (dishes, napkins, utensils)...... 1,000.00Janitorial supplies..............................500.00Licenses & Fees Food establishment permit...... The second phase occured once construction was completed and about 10 days prior to opening.

My wife has told me to follow my passion and finally open a BBQ Joint / Premium Spice Shop. 500.00Stationary, Supplies 600.00Marketing Print Advertising... Permitting took almost 5 months of constant pushing before a single shovel of dirt was turned; leasing would have eliminated that.

I want to focus on takeout but still have maybe 10 - 12 Tables. That part aside, I have no idea how to figure out what to budget for a kitchen. Permitting for the restaurant only took a total of two months.

My business planning took about two years while I was employed full time with our health district. It actually went very smoothly due to the business plan I put together.

Keep in mind that you also need some space for office stuff, public restroom(s), and storage space for supplies.

Our philosophy is that we want to make loyal customers, not make quick sales. Originally posted by Papa Deuce: I honestly don't think I will mind working so hard as it is a passion of mine.

I know you will get lots of good information from the members of this forum as well. I'm also tired of working for people who seemed to make their life's purpose to make their employees miserable. Passion for a goal will get you out of bed when your muscles are growling at you and your eyes rebel at the thought of opening. 25,000.00Originally posted by Papa Deuce: Looks like I'm going to be laid off in July 2009.

It can take YEARS for good word of mouth to overcome the inertia of being new, unknown, and having no reputation. But a failure would not be because of the size of your market, it would be because of the size of your marketing. The trailer flaunts sliding racks that can be hauled out of the trailer for cleaning or serving and a hotter box that can fill in as a cooker box too. You will definitely need some supplies and eco-friendly packaging, so here it is.

This is a case of "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, etc, etc". I opened my BBQ & Burgers restaurant in mid March 2008. What else do you need consulted on that you can't find in some forum somewhere? Authorizing Costs and Insurance: Every one of these expenses is variable and will rely upon where you live. It's very convenient to choose items right on their site, and the stock is pretty huge.

and that includes the failure to have enough money set aside in a bank account to live off of during lean times. And that is the reason to do what Joseph did in the Old away the surplus for the time of famine. If any of you have started a BBQ joint similar in size to what I am thinking, can you share what you learned while getting ready for opening your place? also you must have a market thats not cramed with the same type of rest.

Lean times are to be expected; sometimes it's seasonal, sometimes it's because a new restaurant has opened up sucking away the customer base for a while; sometimes it's just because... Let me post something that I posted in a different food forum a bit ago: Matt, a target market of 100,000 is NOT a small market. BTW, I do realize prices may be drastically different based on locale. next summer......i read what one person said about the total cost of opening a new rest. my last rest i sold for 500% of what i had invested in that business..............good luck and KISS!


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