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Personally it was a way to grow as a person and develop so many skills.My public speaking skills, my confidence, they have all allowed me to grow to a more mature woman who is able to convey my opinions. The study will serve as a foundation for further research into pageantry motivation.It affects many spheres of life: employment, work performance, global marketing, education, creativity and arts, even entertainment.

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She will do her master’s in psychology at Mc Gill University in Montreal, beginning September, 2016.

Competition can be fairly called one of the main motivators, as well as one of the main organizing principles for individuals.

And the reason I chose it is my personal experience as a pageantry contestant.

When I looked into it there was really no research done on pageant contestants.

So I used sport motivation as a basis for my research and I found that pageant contestants tend to operate more from autonomous and intrinsic motivation. That means they’re doing it for reasons of self development and they’re doing it out of their own volition and that someone else isn’t influencing their decision to do this.

And I also found that autonomous and intrinsic motivation correlated with success rates, persistence and enjoyment.So I think that is a huge testament to the aspirations of the type of people that compete in pageantry which is completely contrary to how the media portrays them.Based on your research, what’s your message about those who choose to compete in beauty pageants? It’s not necessarily all about looking good in an evening gown. They’re educated and they want to help and that’s why they’re competing in this type of thing.Though pageants represent the absolute minority of the society, their appearances set high, unrealistic standards for how women of all ages should look like (Miss America).Young girls who try to live up to these standards, mature women complexing about their bodies, men who demand their wives/girlfriends to look like beauty pageant participants—all of them are affected by the illusions propagated by beauty contests.The Uses and Gratification Theory by Elihu Katz and Jay G.Blumber was also used as the framework to analyze the results of the study.It will provide an informed source of information in the area of pageantry, a highly stigmatised activity.Annora Bourgeault graduated from the U of R with an honours degree in psychology and a minor in anthropology.The most obvious detrimental effect of beauty pageants is enforcing an inappropriate body perception for men and women.Unlike the majority of “average” women, the beauty of such contests’ participants is cherished and rehearsed; this is the case when natural beauty is heavily supported by the efforts of visagistes and dressers.


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