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It has been a personal search of mine for some time to recognize and buy young adult books for the seminary library that are both good literature and take questions of faith seriously.For the next six weeks, on Monday, we will be running a series of reviews that deal with teenagers whose faith or faith questions are an important part of the story.Daniel is left with his vow and his hatred and a dying sister – until Jesus comes.

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He is enraged to find that his sister has become friends with a Roman soldier who talks with her through the gate.

His violent anger causes her to withdraw even further into illness.

All of the reviews are written by Virginia Thomas, author of Children’s Literature for All God’s Children, and a frequent contributor to our blog.

Ann Knox, Director of the Instructional Resource Center, William Smith Morton Library, Union Presbyterian Seminary Title: Author: Elizabeth George Speare Illustrator: Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Co.

ISBN: 0395137195 (Paperback); 254 pages Audience: Ages 10 and up Summary: As a young boy Daniel bar Jamin had seen his father and uncle crucified by Romans; he lived to get revenge, to drive the hated Romans from Palestine.

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Apprenticed to a blacksmith, he had escaped the cruel master and had run to the hills outside the village of Ketzah.For the next four weeks, full reviews of books with suggested questions will be offered, followed by two weeks of shorter reviews to whet your interest in reading more.We envision that these books could be used in confirmation classes, as supplements to a youth program, or as suggestions to offer young people you know.One of these books has been around almost 50 years; another was published just this fall.They deal with different situations-autism, immigrant assimilation, abuse of leadership, racism, abuse of trust-but faith is a central theme in all of them.For over 15 years, her message has encouraged and equipped women to live with confidence, peace, and trust. Eighteen year old Daniel bar Jamin has witnessed his father's crucifixion by the Romans and now he is consumed by one purpose: to drive the Romans out of the land of Israel.Through his friend Simon the Zealot, Daniel heard about a new and exciting rabbi, Jesus. When Simon leaves to follow Jesus, he gives Daniel the use of his blacksmith shop.Daniel’s activities involve him in a raid that results in the death of two friends.Can it be that God would use another way to free Israel?The theme of the book is Jesus' love and forgiveness instead of hatred, bitterness, anger, and violence.


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