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Also, marketing costs usually have set-up fees and consulting fees, not simply the cost of paper and ink or commercial time.If you're not sure about an expense, always overestimate.Make sure you understand expenses as a technical financial term.

Three good ones for you to look at are the following: website, an excellent site for the female business owner.

Then change the numbers and categories to work with your business.

In finance and accounting, costs are the direct costs you have in your sales forecast, and expenses are operating expenses like rent, advertising, and payroll. Finally, a special note to our Live Plan users – Live Plan has its own interface to guide you through your spending budget. All the concepts you see here are valid, and included with Live Plan – but you don’t have to build them in your spreadsheet.

There are three common types of spending in a normal business. Let’s look first at the most common kind of spending, the operating expenses.

And the point of it is setting it down as a standard so you can track it, review it, and revise as needed.

The spending budget is also vital to projected profit and loss and projected cash flow.You need to understand that difference if you are going to run a business and manage cash flow. Just as you did for sales forecast and direct costs, try to always project expenses in the same categories you have in your chart of accounts.If your accounting divides marketing expenses into personnel, advertising, and PR, don’t project marketing expenses in your business plan as print, online, and social media. Forecasting your operating expenses is a matter of experience, educated guessing, a bit of research, and common sense.One thing people tend to forget when preparing a sample business budget is to incorporate all of the taxes and fees.For example, if you need to make a purchase for your business, don't forget to build any state or local sales tax into the cost.Common income line items are: Note that the expenses piece will have a lot more items in it, but that will hopefully be offset by the higher numbers in the income section.This is not often the case in the first couple years a company is in business, which is why start-up capital is so important.That way you know how much income you need to generate in order to make a profit and can determine where you may be able to cut costs.A sample budget usually contains two numerical columns, one for the expenses and one for income, plus a column for labels.Most people are used to them the way I’m using them, with forecast for revenue and budget for spending.Also, the difference between Costs and Expenses is significant.


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