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Many projects can fail to live up to their potential because the stakeholder engagement was not recognised as an integral part of the process.Stakeholder engagement, from the outset, helps build involvement and a sense of continuation to a new future.

Where you are in the process, and who you are engaging with, will influence your reason to engage.

For example, you may: An ‘engagement policy’ is the standard you apply when engaging.

Your mandate is an official authority, or commission, to carry out your engagement in line with your policy and the approach outlined in your strategy. We are also investing our time and resources so we can give them our attention.

It is reasonable for our stakeholders to expect a clear explanation of why we are engaging, what kind of participation we expect and what they can expect from us.

Allow adequate time and planning to include all relevant parties and to allow them to discuss, understand and internalise each project milestone or step in the process.

Stakeholders who do not understand the plan have a difficult time remaining engaged and moving in the desired direction later.Robust consultation adds insight into the operating environment, the marketplace, trends, user / customer need, and growth opportunities, as well as to a vision of the organisation’s future.Effective engagement helps translate stakeholder needs into organisational goals and creates the basis of effective strategy development.Discovering the point of consensus or shared motivation helps a group of stakeholders to arrive at a decision and ensures an investment in a meaningful outcome.Indeed, without internal alignment you cannot build an effective strategy or implement change.Confirming your mandate for online engagement is critical for respectful engagement.A clear mandate should convey your engagement’s: The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) refers to the mandate as a 'promise to the public'.Each has a unique perspective about what it will take for the organisation to succeed.For example, internal stakeholders, like employees, know the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation from the ground up, and have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to deliver.We bring value to the strategic and marketing planning process by implementing an active consultation and engagement process and providing an open forum for discussion and debate.We help to align, impartially and objectively, an organisation around a common vision and make recommendations on how the future ambition can be best achieved.


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