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It’s also crucial that these champions are aligned with each other and the system administrator.

There is a reason why Benjamin Franklin once said, Do you have the resources needed to deliver against the project goals?

Can your existing team manage the process without additional help?

Be sure to choose a vendor who has a strong track record delivering in the areas needed most by your project and company.

When selecting a vendor, seek a training delivery company that enables you to effectively manage your program with one single point of contact.

But beware of bringing too many cooks into the kitchen.

According to research by Brian Westfall, senior content analyst at Software Advice, you should start small with your implementation team.To determine your needs, identify how many business units will be using the new system and estimate of the total number of users.The more business units/users adopting the software, the larger you’ll want your implementation team to be.Westfall’s 7 Best Practices: Avoid Flunking Your LMS Implementation report recommends starting with a team of two: Depending on the size of your business, this might be the extent of your implementation team.Smaller organizations might even have an implementation team of one.To achieve your corporate objectives, it’s important to pay attention to both the big picture and the fine details.The four major steps outlined in this article will help make sure your upcoming event is a success.If not, perhaps working with an outside vendor or outsourcing partner for part of your project delivery is needed.Consider outsourcing a training or meeting delivery partner who can assist with logistical details such as: selecting training venues; required technology, including hardware or software; sourcing instructors; training materials; managing digital content; travel logistics, including lodging, transportation and travel.In the case of your software implementation plan, scope creep will happen when you decide to set up and customize all the features of every capability at once.There’s no denying those bells and whistles make an enticing trap, but you’ve got to stay on task, stay true to your needs and get the key parts of your new system into use.


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