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A traditional business plan typically includes the following sections: The not-so-great news is that a traditional business plan takes a long time and an immense amount of research to complete.

The good news is that not every business needs a traditional business plan.

There are many reasons why you need a business plan, although these reasons vary by the type of business you are starting and how you intend to use your business plan.

But the common thread for all businesses is that a business plan is necessary.

Your business plan should pull all three of these plans together, incorporating elements of your marketing plan and your financial plan into a comprehensive document.

Think of your business plan as a map or blueprint that will guide your business from the start-up phase through establishment and eventually business growth.But do you truly understand the purpose of a business plan?Does it really matter if you have one for your small business?While this is a leaner version of the traditional business plan, you will still need to gather information that is specific to your business in order to create a plan that is truly useful for you.Be prepared to answer the following questions as you create your simplified business plan: Once you have answered each of these questions, you will have a working business plan that you can use immediately to start taking action in your business.Mentors offer personalized support to help you launch and grow your business.If you are thinking about starting a small business, you most likely already know what a business plan is and have heard that you need one.Creating a business plan will take you undivided time and attention, but there are business planning tools available to help streamline the process, many of them available for free.There are templates available, including a simple business plan template and a traditional business plan template.After all, how can you get your business launched and thriving without any type of written plan to help you?Some of the reasons you need a small business plan that may apply to you include: So, you know you need a business plan.


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