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The file format is crash proof so even a power cut won't stop you.Business Plan does not use pre-made answers like other products, making sure the plan you make is your own.If you prefer to use another application to layout your plan, you can export the plan to be used in any other application, or you can print straight from the Business Plan software.

Last week Palo Alto Software introduced a brand new version of Business Plan Pro incorporating (finally) my Plan-as-You-Go Business Planning ideas into the mainstream of the software."My accountant has been telling me I need a business plan for years.Now I have a simple way to make them, I can make as many as I want to, go back and edit the information. There are layout options from within the program and you can use any fonts and sizes that you wish when printing.All the figures for Cash Flow and Budgets are entered in easy to understand charts which are then compiled and calculated to produce the plans' figures.These include Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets for up to five years.Work through the sections Business Plan takes you through all the sections, asking you relevant questions and allowing you to fill in the answers yourself.Examples are shown on every page to help you produce a professional business plan in the minimum time possible.Business Plan can even paste information from Excel or Numbers straight in.Once you have completed your plan, reviewed it and printed it, you are ready to go.We’ve come a long way since the first one – it’s still my business planning advice, but I wrote a third of the code in the original, and now there’s a team of a dozen programmers – which makes it way better.And, by the way, if you prefer an online version, or you’re a Mac user, there’s also a lot of my methodology and my instructions in the new online planning web app at


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