Candy Shop Business Plan

Candy Shop Business Plan-52
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) should be your main port of call; the legislation you need to comply with will depend on whether you are preparing any food on the premises e.g.(making fudge), decanting sweets into different containers, or just selling pre-packaged goods.Engaging with the children, and ensuring they have a good time, is a great way to encourage a return visit.

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Independent sweet shops do struggle with competition from supermarkets – although location and brand can help secure business, shops that can offer services supermarkets cannot will always be in a better position.

Here are some additional services you could provide: Like all businesses that sell foodstuffs, you will need to comply with relevant health and safety legislation.

NVQs are very popular, including with City & Guilds, which offer three levels of qualification for those who want to work in retail.

The courses give participants the chance to specialise in a discipline including management, visual merchandising and food safety.

A common mistake is to overvalue the school trade, which although substantial at times, offers a low value per transaction and significant seasonal dips.

However, some sweet shops are located on school routes and make a good profit – it depends on how ‘out of the way’ the school route is, and whether trade dips too much during the school holidays. This guarantees heavy footfall and a passing trade but high rent is a disadvantage.

The market has also expanded considerably – the classic products are still popular but share their shelf space with new versions and also a host of trendy products.

Buying into new trends, and ensuring product ranges are up to date, are important for independent sellers looking to compete with supermarkets.

Everyone loves the traditional sweet shop – for children it’s an adventure, for adults a throwback to childhood.

Running it as a profitable business can be hard, due to competition from supermarkets, but it can be done.


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