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I made sure that the students knew the responses were anonymous (Google survey) and I had no way of knowing who submitted what response. There were students who said (about 16%) that they would prefer to have their homework checked in the more traditional way.

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Last year I wrote about a new strategy of not checking homework but assessing understanding through short quizzes.

I thought this might be a good time to follow up with the results of that endeavor.

I have begun to allow students to retake quizzes in addition to the option of completing a corresponding activity at IXL.

I resisted doing this initially because I thought I would be overrun with students wanting to retake their quizzes, but that has not been the case.

To gauge more accurately how my students feel about the homework policy, I gave them an anonymous survey so they would feel free to share how they felt about the homework quizzes.

I braced myself for some strong comments because I have recently received some pushback from students regarding their grades.The initial response was, “yay, no homework,” which quickly turned to “why does my grade look like this?” The suggested homework problems usually number five or six, and I have never assigned more than ten.I post the solutions, complete with accompanying work, on Canvas for students to access.I do this so that they can refer to it if they get stuck while doing their homework.As I mentioned earlier, I do allow retakes this year, a student can come to my room during our “Boost” time and retake the quiz to improve their grade or they can complete a corresponding IXL.But, I can understand a student becoming demoralized if they repeatedly have to retake a quiz or complete an IXL.The quizzes themselves take around 5 to 10 minutes, and it typically takes me about 15 minutes to grade a classroom set of homework quizzes, and I give 2-3 homework quizzes a week.The homework quizzes have really helped me be aware of students’ misunderstandings while we are still in the unit.I don’t miss the time I spent walking around the room looking at homework, I always felt like that was wasted time even if I put a bell ringer or an assignment up for them to do while I checked it.The time I used to spend checking homework is now used for giving the homework quiz.


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