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“By God’s grace we will: Seek to love the Lord Jesus Christ with all our hearts, minds, souls and strength; Always give thanks; Never fear standing for the truth, no matter the cost; Do our work skillfully and diligently without complaining, as unto the Lord; Encourage and show love for others with patience, kindness and humility; Respectfully submit to all authority God has placed over us; Share the truths of God with our children so that future generations will put their trust in Him.” Nancy and Nate knew that their mission statement wouldn’t work unless the whole family adopted it.So they spent family devotion time going over and discussing each line with their children.Personal mission statements also force you to clarify and express as briefly as possible your deepest values and aspirations.

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But those key words also had a basis in Scripture, which is important for a Christian family’s mission statement. If a mission statement doesn’t begin to grow organically — through Scripture, your life and family values — consider simply starting with prayer, asking God for direction and insight into His plan for your family.

Rhonda says, “We encouraged the kids to be strong on the .” Although most parents have unspoken goals for their children — financial, spiritual, physical, emotional — these big ideas seldom translate into reality accidentally.

One way to prioritize what your family values is to write a family mission statement.

The Starks’ mission statement was created after they realized their children were treating their friends more kindly than they treated each other.

Diane was prayerfully reminded of 1 John , which says, “Whoever loves God must also love his brother.” This verse symbolized the kind of family Diane and Eric wanted: a family built on love for God and love for each other.


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