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Whether students are looking to improve their journalistic, creative or academic writing styles, taking time to visit the campus writing center is one of the best decisions they can make.Whether responding to a short prompt or crafting a long-form essay, writing is an indispensable skill for students who want to excel in their postsecondary education. The MLA Style Center The Modern Language Association provides this comprehensive online resource with answers to common questions and tips for properly using MLA style.When graduation rolls around, these same skills will be needed once more, whether in writing a cover letter for a potential job or composing essays for graduate-level admissions and scholarship requirements. Users can also purchase the eighth edition of the MLA Handbook.Using our file sharing tool, you can edit essays and papers in real-time.Get help perfecting your next paper--find an essay writing tutor now.The Purdue OWL Provided by Purdue University, this expansive website houses a host of writing resources alongside a wide range of research, writing, and citation tools for each of the main style guides. Trying to remember all the rules of each style can be next to impossible for most students.The tips below help students identify a few of the most important rules while also giving them a list of common errors to avoid.Put simply, a student is plagiarizing when they: Document and Citation Resources for Writers Stanford University’s Hume Center for Writing and Speaking provides advice and research for new and seasoned writers alike looking to ensure their citations are correct.This all-in-one site provides information on both plagiarism and how to avoid it. He currently is Associate Professor of English and Director of the University Writing Center at the University of North Georgia’s Dahlonega campus. He is a prolific writer on topics surrounding sociology and the law, and was published on an undergraduate law review during his senior year at Rasmussen College. APA Style CENTRAL Provided by the American Psychological Association, this resource is available as an online resource, e-book, or printed book and operates as a complete guide for writing and publishing materials that adhere to APA style. Clark is currently in his second year at Harvard Law School. News & World Report featured his advice on how to make a strong argument in a law school application while Rasmussen College published his piece on how to determine whether a source is authoritative.


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