Compare And Contrast Essay Graphic Organizer

Compare And Contrast Essay Graphic Organizer-4
Each part of the introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion is represented.After completing this worksheet, students will be prepared write the rough draft and begin refining the language. This is a Venn diagram comparison organizer for a story character and a student.Conclude the essay with a recap of the thesis statement and reasons the reader should care.

Use this printable writing packet to teach your students how to write a compare/contrast essay.

A model graphic organizer, a blank graphic organizer, and a revising checklist are provided.

The individual parts of each circle are where you write unique traits for each idea. The two main organizational methods for comparing and contrasting are the block format and the point-by-point format.

In the block method, you explain all of the characteristics of the first idea, then switch gears and explain the traits of the second idea.

Once you've introduced the subject, lay out your specific points using either the block or point-by-point method.

Both methods flow better when you transition smoothly from one section to the next.For example, you could write, "Phonics and whole language methods both teach reading skills, but each method approaches language acquisition from a distinct perspective that influences teaching methodology." The introduction also gives you a chance to reveal your stance.If you're comparing two breeds of dogs, for instance, you might indicate that one breed is better as a family pet because of its characteristics.The introduction sets the stage for the comparison and contrast explained in the body.Your thesis statement introduces the ideas being compared.On the left side, write characteristics for the main character in the story.On the right side, writes characteristics for the student. This outline provides a framework for the 5-paragraph essay.A written discussion of both the similarities and differences between people, objects, or ideas.This type of essay shows how things are alike in some ways (compare) as well as how they are different in other ways (contrast). Determining Subjects Worthy of Comparison While it is theoretically possible to compare any two people, places, events, ideas, etc., it would not make sense to compare Mark Twain with a wind turbine.The block format works well if you plan to spend more time on one idea than the other.With the point-by-point format, you alternate back and forth between the ideas, focusing on one point of comparison at a time.


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