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Papers should be no longer than 16 single-spaced pages, double-column IEEE format, including figures.Brief Papers should be no longer than 8 single-spaced pages, double-column IEEE format, including figures.

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Kinematics, Intelligent Mechanisms, Morphing Mechanisms Ferdinand Freudenstein, the so-called Father of Modern Kinematics, and my neighbor in the ME department at Columbia, and I co-advised doctoral student Meng Sang Chew in a thesis applying optimal control theory to the design of cam follower systems.

This work received a best paper award from the Mechanisms Committee of ASME.

RC is analogous to ILC except that it looks back to the error observed in the last period of the command and/or disturbance to make adjustments to the current command.

Applications include computer disk drives, eliminating 60Hz related ripple in rectified DC voltage in physics particle accelerators, non-circular machining, vibration isolation of fine pointing equipment on spacecraft containing reaction wheels or control moment gyros, eliminating velocity variations from imperfect gearing in copy machine belt drives, eliminating periodic sensor error in belt steering in copy machines, etc.

Jer-Nan Juang at NASA Langley together with my Columbia doctoral students, and continuing with Prof.

Minh Phan (then at NASA, later at Princeton, and now at Dartmouth) and Dr.Iterative learning control aims to eliminate all such errors in following a specific command repeatedly, by adjusting the command given to the feedback control system based on the error observed in the previous run.Initial motivation of the field came from robots doing repetitive tracking operations in manufacturing.A primary purpose of the IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology is to have an archival publication, which will bridge the gap between theory and practice.Papers are published in the IEEE Transactions on Control System Technology which disclose significant new knowledge, exploratory developments, or practical applications in all aspects of technology needed to implement control systems, from analysis and design through simulation, and hardware.Many mechanisms perform periodic motions, and very often they are actuated using a feedback control system whose objective is to maintain constant input rotation rate.A series of publications study the use of RC System Identification, Damage Detection in Structures Research in this area started around 1987 working with Dr.Letters should be no longer than 4 single-spaced pages, double-column IEEE format, including figures.Manuscripts exceeding the specified page limits, or clearly outside the scope of the Transactions will be returned without review.System Identification: Before one can design a control system one needs a model of the plant to be controlled. It is distributed by NASA and it was ordered by most of the major aerospace companies in the US.If the plant hardware is available one can make input-output experiments to collect data that allows you to create a mathematical model. The approach develops the steady state Kalman filter from input-output data first, and from this result it backs out a state space model of the system.


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