Copyright And Your Dissertation Or Thesis

Copyright And Your Dissertation Or Thesis-34
Pro Quest offers more information about submitting your dissertation for long term archiving and for limited distribution.Dartmouth College Library is currently seeking permission from authors to digitize all Dartmouth Ph.Authors retain copyright in the works they submit to Pro Quest.

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Pro Quest has specific requirements for the content of the permission letter.

For these guidelines, consult the Pro Quest Doctoral Dissertation Agreement form (published by Pro Quest).

Do you want to use a figure or graph from someone else’s published paper in your dissertation? Case Studies from Know Your Copy Rights: Dissertations DCAL Workshop Know Your Dissertation Author Rights Data Ownership, Technology Transfer and Your Dissertation Learn More About Copy Rights and Your Dissertation Copyright Law provides for a collection of rights that exist upon creation of a work in a tangible medium, which can be transferred or waived in whole or in part.

Here is a brief introduction to key issues with links to more information and contacts for people who can help answer your questions. These include: Copyright is really a collection of rights, and the owner can choose what to do with these rights.

What are your rights as an author to your published work -- who actually owns them, and how can you retain more of them?

The Dartmouth Authors Publication Amendment helps you retain some rights and covers the NIH requirement: Science Commons Scholar’s Copyright Project Cornell University’s What Faculty Can Do outlines the 3 major options for faculty interested in retaining rights, while granting the necessary rights to a publisher: NIH Public Access Mandate The Springer Open Choice License for example To find out what publisher policies are regarding author rights, search SHERPA Ro MEO by journal title or publisher.

What kinds of questions have you had as you work on your dissertation as a creator of information and and a user of information copyrighted by others?

For example, do you want to include parts of an article you published in a journal in your dissertation? What About the Pro Quest/UMI and Dartmouth Library Digitization Agreements?

You hold the copyright to your dissertation, since scholarly and creative works of Dartmouth faculty, students and staff are owned by the author or creator with these exceptions: Creative ways of expressing data could be copyrighted but not the data itself.

When you finish your dissertation and submit it to the Graduate Studies Office, you can also have it archived and distributed by Pro Quest.


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