Credible Websites For Research Papers

CDC's DES Update also provides a list of credible health information sources.Personal stories, sometimes called "anecdotal evidence," refer to individual experiences.

Be sure there is sufficient documentation to help you determine whether the publication is reliable including footnotes, a bibliographies, credits, or quotations.

Audience Who are the intended readers and what is the publication's purpose?

The most credible Internet sites come from recognized experts, like health agencies and reputable health and medical organizations.

If you are unsure, ask your health care provider for credible Web sites.

If your paper is on a topic like cancer research, you would want the most recent information, but a topic such as World War II could use information written in a broader time range.

Authority Does the information come from an author or organization that has authority to speak on your topic? (You can use Ulrichsweb to determine if a journal is peer-reviewed) Do they cite their credentials?Please view the Updated Bibliographies on the Updated Bibliographies page for updated information on this topic.Health care providers trust and use research published in credible, peer-reviewed scientific journals.However, a single study is never enough to make a case; new research requires other studies to support the results before a study's findings are considered applicable to medical practice.More and more, health-related Web sites and newsletters are available to people with Internet access.In your search for information, you eventually face the challenge of evaluating the resources you have located and selecting those you judge to be most appropriate for your needs.Examine each information source you locate and assess sources using the following criteria: Timeliness Your resources need to be recent enough for your topic.If you have any questions about whether a journal is peer-reviewed, ask a librarian or your health care provider.Each research study contributes to an existing body of knowledge.This Web site is an important part of CDC's DES Update and includes sections for health care providers and the public.Use the preceding guidelines to think about the credibility, expertise, bias, and funding of the source of information.


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