Critical Thinking Activities For High School Students

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Activities for developing these skills can be performed in any classroom or at home, and they often encourage students to question aspects of their own personalities and the opposing perspectives of others.

Have your students stand and gather in the middle of the room.

Most faculty will agree that critical thinking is important, but we lack consensus on what we're talking about when we refer to it.

What does critical thinking look like in your discipline? What set of critical thinking skills are you attempting to help students develop? Determine whether the bulk of the course will focus on critical thinking outcomes or whether they are just one part of the course’s focus.

Have each pair read their speeches, and then ask them if they have a better understanding of why their debates are so difficult to resolve.

Christopher Cascio is a memoirist and holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing and literature from Southampton Arts at Stony Brook Southampton, and a Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in the rhetoric of fiction from Pennsylvania State University.Kids are open and willing to learn new fundamental skills as long as they are taught in a fun and entertaining manner.Jump Start’s critical thinking activities are therefore a great way to engage students and encourage critical thinking and logical reasoning skills in them! It helps them base conclusions on facts rather than emotions.Provoking kids to think out of the box and come up with solutions to challenging activities will always have long-term benefits.It is easy to find a variety of free critical thinking worksheets and activities online.See the Resources area below for additional CT teaching and learning activity ideas! Design scoring tools for evaluating critical-thinking-oriented assignments. Even if you do not intend to only include critical thinking criteria in evaluating student work, these resources can suggest criteria for your customized rubric or list of assignment specifications.Student Engagement Techniques (E Barkley): Chap 13 (Analysis and Critical Thinking)Engaging Ideas (J Bean): Chap 2 (How Writing is Related to Critical Thinking..T&L activities; more philosophical); Chap 7, pgs 122-137 (10 Strategies for Designing Critical Thinking Tasks); Chap 9 (Coaching Thinking through the Use of Small Groups)Teaching for Critical Thinking (S Brookfield): Chap 6 Reading and Writing Critically; Chap 4, p. Ruggiero has written several others books on teaching critical thinking, as well.Tell them that you will ask a question that gives them a choice, and they will have to answer and explain why their choice is true. Tell the rocks to move to one side of the room and the feathers to move to the other side.Then, one by one, ask each student to explain why he made his choice.By answering this question, your students are forced to make definitive choices and examine the qualities that support their decisions.You can repeat the exercise with other questions, such as "Are you a bat or a ball? " This activity puts a student's analytical skills to the test. Then ask your students to write a list of all the words they can think of that use only letters in that word.


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