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Calvert had such emphasis on writing, not just in the language arts section, but in every class.

Calvert had such emphasis on writing, not just in the language arts section, but in every class.It really helped me to build my writing skills and improve them.

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They had internalized the model of critical thinking that the Big History course introduced them to and they were applying it without my intervention.

Explicitly teaching students how to think critically and then giving them opportunities to practice this skill is at the heart of Big History.

They drew on a previous lesson on the use of different scales in history to discuss the merits of his approach and to consider whether the purpose of his text (explaining the rise and fall of civilizations) might have influenced the evidence he chose to use in his explanation. The class didn’t make any conclusions, they discussed back and forth until the bell, but their awareness of the way they approached knowledge gave them the language to engage in an intellectually challenging debate about the relative merits of Jared Diamond’s text and the impact of his environmental message on his interpretation of the history of Easter Island.

I left the lesson with the sense that my students had done something important that day.

My students looked at Easter Island as a case study in examining claims.

We explored different explanations for what caused the population of the island to collapse.They must unscramble 8 jumbled words, and then solve a riddle. How quickly can you unscramble these letters and make a word out of it—byeosid? As a mother/teacher, I bet you’ll be referring to the answer pages frequently!Multiple word meanings, synonyms, homographs, homophones, idioms, and figurative language all come into play. You can try a free online demo of the Jumbles software, which features— – Single-user login – Self-grading – Saves unfinished games – On-screen instructions – Printable scores – Thought provoking material I previously reviewed a Critical Thinking product that I absolutely love—and that I do on my own. You can download a free preview of this product here.Briefly, claim testing gives students a scaffold to measure the claims that they’ll encounter throughout the course.They use four “claim testers”—intuition, logic, authority, and evidence—to assess claims.By the way, I’m not the only person impressed with Critical—the number and variety of awards they’ve received throughout the years is downright impressive!bestselling author and speaker who helps everyday women live an adventure of faith through following Jesus’s Product Reviews Pre-K-Grade 12 Prices vary (SO many products), but most workbooks are well under I like Critical!I have reviewed a number of their products in the past—and all their products have lived up to their name—they all required me to THINK—to REALLY THINK!I started in Kindergarten and went all the way through 8th grade with Calvert.I absolutely feel that the Calvert program helped to prepare me for my career as an author!


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