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When I finally solved one of the puzzles, I quickly started on the next puzzle.I recall telling a therapist that I couldn’t attend physical, occupational, vision, or speech therapy because I was too busy solving another Mind Bender.Several years later, while attending a two-year cognitive therapy program, I noticed that there were several Mind Benders on the computer.

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Days later, I declined to eat my favorite residential therapy meal, macaroni and cheese, because I was in the middle of a puzzle.

Thankfully, the cook saved some mac and cheese for my dinner.

At one point, I even created a few puzzles for others to solve.

When I first encountered Mind Benders, I definitely considered them a torture.

I am fairly certain that I first encountered Mind Benders a year or so after my brain surgery.

The puzzles I was given were designed for a third-grader, but I couldn’t solve them and I was in my 30s.are deductive thinking puzzles that develop vital logic, reading comprehension, and mental organization skills necessary for solving real-life problems. Mind Benders Level 1 and Mind Benders Level 2 are intended for children as young as four years old.With your assistance, your child will think about each story and its clues; identify logical associations between people, places, and things; and then deduce how it all fits together.Download a sample page from Mind Benders Level 1 (PDF) Mind Benders When I was about ten years old, my parents, with their six daughters ages two to eleven, spent the summer driving a Dodge van from Panama to Oregon, then over to Michigan.Cars in those days did not have media centers, and if ours had a working radio or air conditioner, it was a well-guarded secret.Even though more than a year passed since my surgery, I still had difficulty understanding, thinking, and writing.“No problem,” I thought, “I’ll just work on other issues such as walking, talking, balancing, eating, and living.” Yet, every few days the therapists encouraged me to try Mind Benders again.Before we dive into a discussion about Mind Benders, I’d like to define the term “critical thinking” then briefly describe the purpose of Mind Benders according to Critical Thinking Co™, the company that creates them.Since there are many definitions of “critical thinking,” I‘ll pick one that makes the most sense to me. Ennis, author of , critical thinking is “reasonable, reflective thinking that is focused on deciding what to believe and do.” According to the Critical Thinking Co™, Mind Benders help develop “reading comprehension, logic, and problem solving.” In other words, Mind Benders are designed to develop critical thinking skills.But what we did have were several large tote bags of puzzle books.It was on this trip that I was first introduced to this absorbing type of puzzle.


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