Critical Thinking Paper 2 Revision

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Critical thinking may be described as a disciplined art of putting to use the right approaches and strategies to thinking.

Good thinking, which is facilitated by critical analysis essays, enables a person to maximize the right at the expense of the perceived wrong.

It is worth taking note of the fact that intelligence alone cannot be credited with critical thinking.

In order to produce a custom critical essay, it is important for the writer to be able to carry out relevant research of the subject at hand.

Thus, the process of working on critical thinking essays involves working from a clear thesis statement that is based on a defined and clear idea.

So, in order to maximize potential for high marks for all students, I suggest aiming for three studies if possible. The IB outlines the following as guidance as to types of critical thinking points (and these are explained in the textbook in the introduction).

The reason I would recommend at least three different points is that it can fully showcase your range of critical thinking skills.

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