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Being in the same program, the three often worked as a team on group assignments.Anna earned the special recognition of "pass with distinction" when she graduated.

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E = The performance tests used to evaluate the health and well-being of females may not be appropriate for evaluating the health and well-being of males.

Consider the claim, "Working with a teammate or partners on a health regimen is better than working individually." Which of the following additional pieces of information would not weaken that claim?

B = Barbara's work in the program was superior to Carol's.

C = Barbara was jealous of the academic success her friend, Anna, enjoyed.

A = This study was about women, the findings cannot be generalized to include men.

B = Since the study began to solicit willing participants before the Research Ethics Review Committee of the college gave the research project its formal approval to gather data, the findings are invalid.

E = A regimen of smart eating and regular exercise is related to better health.

If the information given in the case above were true, which of the following hypotheses would not need to be ruled out in order to confidently claim that for the majority of young adults a regimen of smart eating and regular vigorous exercise will result in significant improvements in one's overall health.

E = The study was undertaken when there were no exams or major projects due, thus the results about working with a teammate do not apply to more stressful times of the year.

Three graduate school friends, Anna, Barbara, and Carol, graduated successfully.


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