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The comforts we have, the choices we can make, and the health that we enjoy can be taken for granted, but this does not necessarily tie in with whether we are married or not.

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Most people would not agree with her reasoning that these problems are all due to people being single. In Hamills essay he discusses how he has had to reconcile with his homophobic past, as well as his ever changing feelings towards gays.

Some may be due to selfish individuals but those individual can also be married. Even though Hamills views are changing and have changed, his crass description of his beliefs Even though I recommend Hamill to anyone interested in researching gay and lesbian rights, I cant not say I liked Hamills description of his opinions finding him rude and even uncaring at times despite what he may be been illustrating verbally.

But what they don't agree with is that it is the choice to make.

She believes we need to relearn to be thankful and to respect the wisdom of our forbears (449).

She states that because of our prosperity and the choices before us, many young people are living "at bottom unnatural lives" (445), and that has created a dangerous swamp of "willfully defined individual freedom" (446).

Also, this is the reason why single people are always running to therapy, doing drugs, mutilating their bodies, seeking phony excitements and emotions (446). Upon I reading Peter Hamills Confessions of a Heterosexual I was impressed to find an individual who did not embrace or shun his faults, but merely exposed them.

Her character is seen as honorable because she is interested in the family unit, free enterprise, limited government, traditional American values, and a strong national defense, which are the same things most Americans are interested in too.

Decter's main claim about how life should be lived--that only by marrying and being "part of the onrushing tide of generations" can our lives have full meaning--is very limiting.

She explains that we can't fool Mother Nature and if we try to, we will end up with all sorts of problems (445).

If we live solely for ourselves and not be part of a traditional family unit, then again problems are created (449).


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