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I'm even more seething at the thought that Netflix will inevitably AUTOSKIP us past Fly Me to the Moon and Jikai Yokoku if we don't press cancel so fast it's practically an action time event.The Hooktheory Book Series will concretely teach you how to craft melodies and chord progressions like professional musicians, and gain a deep understanding and intuition for how music works.

The ludicrous recharging operation becomes a race against time as a huge, slowly-crawling machine beast (looking vaguely like a cross-breed between Ramiel and Matarael) begins to home in on Dendoh's location in the mountains.

In the ensuing beam sniping match Dendoh's Final Attack pushes back the machine beast's beam, destroying the invader.

Throughout the series, he acquires an apprentice and makes a few friends as well as enemies.

Elf ban Kakyuusei is a 4 episode OVA that was released in November of 1997 and based on a dating sim.

When the Gulfer aliens use a swarm of tiny machine beasts to sap all electricity from Earth's power plants, GEAR HQ must devise an alternate way to recharge their battery-powered giant robot.

Their ingenious solution is to harness together a huge number of small stand-alone power sources, including gasoline-powered generators, car and motorcycle engines, bicycle dynamos and even batteries from household appliances and children's toys.

The show makes numerous humorous references to older mecha shows, and two of its episodes are largely dedicated for parodying Evangelion.

Episode 14 of Gear Fighter Dendoh is practically Evangelion's Episode 6 on super robot crack.

Although it was released the same year the Evangelion TV Series was aired, in episode 2, Nanvel produces a robot named "El Heggunte'" which is very obviously a reference to Evangelion Unit-01.

There is a sequence of Nanvel's display with a timer and text scrolling by.


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