Customer Loyalty Thesis

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One-to-one marketing (sometimes expressed as 1:1 marketing) is a CRM strategy emphasizing personalized interactions with customers.

The customer life cycle is often depicted by an ellipse.

Customer service and support is the part of a company's customer relationship management (CRM) department that interacts with a customer for their immediate benefit, including components such as the contact center, the help desk and the call management system.

The concept of one-to-one marketing as a CRM approach was advanced by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers in their 1994 book, The One to One Future.

Only the term is new; the approach is almost as old as commerce itself.

A contact center is considered to be an important element in multichannel and loyalty marketing, and is usually a company's primary touch point for customers.

Customer life cycle is a term used to describe the progression of steps a customer goes through when considering, purchasing, using and maintaining loyalty to a product or service.It always encourages customers to buy more, spend more and feel positive emotional experience about a shopping.In business sector, customer loyalty plays important role to up lift the business as well as it focuses on establishing good relationship between consumers and suppliers.In their book Return on Customer, they point out that customers have become the scarcest resource of all.So it's crucial that businesses continually find and keep new customers and understand the ways customers interact with organizations.It is both an attitudinal and behavioral experience with one brand that satisfies the customers’ needs and desires.If the customers are familiar and satisfied with one product having other options, then it is customer loyalty.Customers have so many choices these days, and it's the company with a careful mix of loyalty programs, dynamic employees and a sense of service that will succeed in creating rich, personalized customer experiences and luring customers away from competitors -- and keeping them year after year.Table of contents: Understanding customer loyalty How to build customer loyalty Measuring customer loyalty Customer loyalty case studies and industry-specific strategies Customer retention: Long-term strategy More CRM and call center learning tools Customer loyalty and retention basics According to market analysts and consultants Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, business success is harder now than ever before because of oversupply in all markets.The main aim of this thesis was to examine the essence of customer loyalty and its improvement in the business.Customer loyalty means customers’ willingness to buy a brand frequently over all others.


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