Deception Essay Much Ado About Nothing

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But, then again, it is a lighthearted Shakespearean comedy.

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When the truth is revealed, Leonato tells Claudio he can marry one of his nieces who looks like Hero: LEONATO: ''My brother hath a daughter/ Almost the copy of my child that's dead / Give her the right you should have given her cousin'' Claudio is tricked into thinking he is marrying a stranger as punishment for not believing Hero, when in fact, he is actually marrying Hero who has been alive and well the whole time.

Manipulation is the act of trying to influence someone, whether it is to benefit you or benefit the person being manipulated.

This relationship seems more believable and enduring because they are painted as a match of intellectual equals and don't fall in love with each other based on superficiality. His words are a very fantastical banquet, just so many strange dishes.” As the title suggests, there is a lot of fuss over very little in the play—after all, if Claudio weren’t so impetuous, Don John’s rather weak plan to ruin Don Pedro's reputation and disrupt the marriage of Claudio and Hero wouldn’t have worked at all.

By contrasting these two different types of love, Shakespeare manages to poke fun at the conventions of courtly, romantic love. What makes the plot so intricate is the use of deception throughout, via trickery, lies, written messages, eavesdropping, and spying.

Both acts are used throughout the play to various ends, well-meaning and not.

Throughout the play, Don John, the bastard brother of Don Pedro, is determined to create unhappiness for those around him; therefore, he takes on the role of a passive aggressive villain.

This lesson will focus on some of these ploys while discussing how they affect the characters and plot of the play.

Back in Shakespeare's day, he would have likely preferred to call the play Much Ado About Noting, since noting refers to the art of making note of what is going on by observing, watching, and listening.


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