Different Types Of Sources For A Research Paper

Different Types Of Sources For A Research Paper-87
Primary sources report a discovery or share new information [2]; they present first-hand accounts and information relevant to an event [3, 4a and 5].They present information in its original form, not interpreted or condensed or evaluated by other writers [2].Individuals generate information on a daily basis as they go about their work.

Information can come from virtually anywhere: personal experiences, books, articles, expert opinions, encyclopedias, the Web.

The type of information needed will change depending on its application.

Also included in this category would be reference sources such as encyclopedias (also considered tertiary).

Other examples of secondary sources are: Definition: Tertiary sources consist of information which is a distillation and collection of primary and secondary sources [3].

They are usually evidence or accounts of the events, practices, or conditions being researched [4a, 6] and created by a person who directly experienced that event [7].

Primary sources are the first formal appearance of results in print or electronic formats [3].

Similarly, statistics prepared by a pharmaceutical company on the production of a particular drug will prove useful to a host of people and organizations, including those marketing the drug.

For secondary sources, often the best are those that have been published most recently [4b].

The information is not original, but an analysis of the speech.

If a government department has conducted a survey of, say, family food expenditures, then, a food manufacturer might use this data in the organization’s evaluations of the total potential market for a new product [8].


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