Disadvantages Of Electronic Devices Essay

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Regardless of the effects of these items, life has become much easier and people are free and able to do business on the go.

Phones have access to the internet, laptops can store huge amounts of data and so on.

This has made it easy for people to do business and work even when they are not within the office confines. Enhanced communication: It is much easier to communicate to people even when they are very far off.

Things such as phones and computers have made business quite easy.

People can now contact their friends while they are miles away and can reply to an email and even sign a document outside of the office. Business and work: Electronic gadgets have made business and work quite easy.

Therefore poor countries need to be dependent towards developed countries for sharing global network.

Since the introduction of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets and portable music players, people’s lives have been greatly simplified thanks to the services that these devices offer.

It’s true because by using electronic devices it will make us easier to do our job. If we use computer in working like make a report, send an email, and finding sources it will be easier beside we do not need use computer.

It is because we do not need to write it manually, if we make a report or an email, we just type it in the computer and it will be faster than we write it manually.

Due to electronic technology, jobs, working locations and cultures are changing and therefore people can easily access worldwide communication without any physical movement. Managing global operation: Due to the advancement of electronic media, business managers can easily control operation across the globe.

Video or teleconferencing e-mail and mobile communication are helping managers in this regard. Dependency: Technology is changing every day and therefore poor countries face the problem as they cannot afford the new or advanced technology.


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