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An officer is able to use lethal force if he believes his life to be in danger but he is not obligated to do so.Preserving life is always the foremost concern of officers and allowing them the ability to create every opportunity to do so is advantageous to the system across the board in providing victims of an offense closure and allowing an offender an opportunity to do something with his life and amend it as opposed to simply ending it.Where you have discretion, you have discretion that is misused and you also have the need to control discretion.

A police officer that has an ordered route of patrol each night can be mapped and criminals will target areas at times where police are not immediately available.

Discretion in this area however allows an officer to choose his patterns, mix them up and avoid leaving locations without police presence for too long.

However, this law also regulates police conduct and is how the officers have discretionary uses.

The Fourth Amendment states that an officer has to have reasonable…

Discretion is defined as “an official action by a criminal justice official based on that individual’s judgment about the best course of action” (Walker & Katz, 2013, p. This means that a law enforcement officer has the freedom to act on their own judgment.

Police discretion allows law enforcement officials to effectively make decisions in the field when no clear-cut solution is illuminated by law or a handbook.The Role of Discretion in Policing As a law enforcement officer, every situation will be handled differently.There are many different factors that come into play, some that limit an officer’s discretion, and some that increase an officer’s discretion.This definition of discretion is the reason why law enforcement officers have been known as “street-level bureaucrats” (Walker & Katz, 2013, p. For many years, there have always been either police officers or constables.With this job of enforcing laws, some people may think certain laws may or may not be unjust and they might choose to follow or not follow the law and arrest people on certain charges.Officer discretion is a big tool in law enforcement.Discretion is used for a wide variety of things such as deciding not to arrest someone or letting a person off with a ticket.Discretion is also used when deciding to use lethal force or not.There are many different factors that come in to play, some that are limiting to an officer’s discretion, and some that increase an officer’s discretion.The role that discretion plays in policing is important because the decisions that an officer makes affect the lives of the citizens, such as whether an individual should be arrested or not.


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