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Study 1 involved a survey examining whether speech-language pathologists view themselves as having a role in supporting the reconstruction of self-identity in adults with aphasia through the use of personal narratives.

Results revealed that, whereas the majority of respondents viewed themselves as having a role in supporting self-identity, less than one-half reported targeting self-identity directly in treatment of recent cases.

Many of these repeats are likely to be true that are not in public repeat libraries.

To answer the second question, we develop a novel method (called REPdenovo-MEI) for detecting mobile element insertions (MEIs) with given reference genome and alignments of different individuals.

This involved developing and piloting a ‘My Story’ protocol to co-construct personal narratives in adults with aphasia.

The seven session protocol was piloted with three participants who have aphasia.

REPdenovo can construct various types of repeats that are highly repetitive and have low sequence divergence within copies.

We show that REPdenovo is substantially better than existing methods both in terms of the number and the completeness of the repeat sequences that it recovers.

Repeat elements are important components of eukaryotic genomes.

The dropping cost of the second and third generation sequencing technologies provides opportunities to study repeat elements of hundreds of species and thousands of individuals of one species.


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