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Kotler is author and co-author of some 60 books and 150 articles on business and marketing.And this is in addition to his extensive lecturing and consulting work.

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That's why educators, child psychologists, and other experts on learning are questioning the value of homework, especially in large amounts.

As child psychologist Dan Kindlon, a Harvard professor and author of several books, including Tough Times, Strong Children, told us, "The issue of too much homework comes up whenever I talk to parent groups, and the truth is, there's no good research justification for it.

In the first part of this book, we'll bring you up to speed on the latest research about homework and all the reasons it's not working for kids, parents, or even teachers.

In the second part, we'll deconstruct the most common assignments and show you which ones advance learning and which don't.

For example, most parents (as well as many teachers) would be surprised to hear that there's absolutely no proof that homework helps elementary school pupils learn more or have greater academic success.

In fact, as this book will explain, when children are asked to do too much nightly work, just the opposite has been found.Do kids have any time left to play and follow their passions? How much is too much—and haven't we reached the point of diminishing returns?If you're the parent of an elementary or middle school child and have ever wondered whether all the homework is worth what your family is going through, this book will finally provide the answer.You can read about his life’s work, and his future ambitions in his latest piece.Luckily for us, Kotler also has the useful ability to say a lot in just a few words, making him eminently quotable.Whether kids go to public, private, or religious schools and no matter what grade they're in, everyone has the same frustrations: How much homework are our children doing?Are they spending much too much time on projects that seem pointless and unrelated to the subject?And study after study shows that homework is not much more beneficial in middle school either.Even in high school, where there can be benefits, they start to decline as soon as kids are overloaded.(Please note that some parents we surveyed or interviewed chose to remain anonymous and some names have been changed). The finger-pointing goes in every direction: It's the kids' fault, it's the school's fault, it's society's fault. Homework polls and surveys routinely demonstrate that between 20 and 30 percent of parents believe their children get too much homework.Almost always, it comes back to the parents and the prevailing belief that there's so much homework because competitive moms and dads want their kids to get ahead. More than one-third of the parents we surveyed feel the same way.


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